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For past four decades, “EATA PLAST & FABRICS”, an ISO 9001 certified company, has been machining high-quality products in the foundry engineering industry.

With his 15-years experience, Mr Batuk P. Shah and Mr Joy Joseph with his 10-year practical experience joined hands and established the company in Mumbai in 1970. Over the years, it developed from a small craft industry, which mainly dealt with local operators, into a company whose products are exported all over the world. Yet, it maintains its creative skills and its capability of handling unforeseen events as well as adapting to the most complex situations, that are typical features of a big and reliable Indian Company.

“EATA PLAST & FABRICS” mainly manufactures products for the automotive industry. The raw material used is aluminium castings such as high pressure die castings, low pressure die castings and CI castings, gravity die castings. Components ranging from cars and trucks to two-wheelers, a number of vehicles that are equipped with cylinder heads, blocks and crankcases manufactured in our works.

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We at EATA PLAST FABRICS believe that we are inter-twined with the society and it has always been our endeavour to understand the problems of the communities and to try to mitigate the same. For us the success is measured how well we fulfill our economic, environmental and social responsibilities. EATA has always taken an active interest and participation in the social welfare of the community and in rendering assistance for the development of the people in the surrounding areas.
The company’s initiatives towards fulfilling its philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility include promoting education facilities, primary health centers, hospitals and sports club.
Being conscious of its responsibility towards society, the management has undertaken several programs for the welfare of the Society and upliftment of the weaker section. Company has also partially started organising distribution of monthly grocery to the poverty stricken families in and around Mumbai. Also distributed number of automatic sewing machines to poor families in and around Mumbai.  


Through close knit operations with educational institutions, EATA helps in propogating knowledge through its non-formal education programme. Besides, it has been regularly undertaking major repair work in various primary schools in its immediate surroundings. It has also constructed many class rooms and provided regular financial assistance for contributing educational supplies, such as science apparatus, computer

  • Constructed primary school building of SMPR school PK road, Mumbai.
  • Developed science and computer lab at Vidyaben gardi school, Mumbai.
  • Developed students hostel at Vikramgad.
  • Constructed hostel for students at Latadia Kutch in Eartquake affected zone.
  • Development of new school for CBSE and SSC board, mulund, Mumbai.

All this things were possible due to LIONS CLUB OF MUMBAI.

EATA routinely distributes textbooks, school uniforms, notebooks students of schools in the vicinity. This is done to reduce the dropout rate in the area. EATA believes that helping a student by motivating him to complete at least his schooling would enable the child to get a slightly better chance in the outside world. 

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PIL has adopted a twofold strategy to counteract the shortage of water in its vicinity. Deep water tube wells have been installed in the villages and training has been imparted to the village residents for maintenance of these tube wells to ensure perennial availability of potable water

  • Installation of tube bore wells, submersible pumps, and hand pumps at Vikramgad, Mahrashtra. 


EATA has majorly contributed in medical sector

  • About 300 patients OPD and pathology services at very cheap rate.
  • Developed about 120 bed care hospital named Valji Ladda Road through Pragati foundation with all amenities like well equipped operation theatre, dialysis centre, general ward for male & female patients and physiotherapy centre.
  • Above 100 dialysis treatments being carried out free of charge through lions club of Mulund and Hira Mongi Navnit hospital on montly basis through partial involvement.
  • Place given at subsidiary rate to start dialysis centre in mulund, Mumbai.

Arranged mega handicapped camp at lions club of mumbai to distribute clutches and wheelchair,etc. 



Welcome to Eata Plast Fabrics

I order to cater to the discrete demands of our customers. We have
implemented ultra-modern equipment’s & technologies in our
plant’s to meet the increasing demands of our clients. Today we are
one of the most reputed industry leaders catering to the
requirements of the giants like MAHINDRA&MAHINDRA, HARLEY
DAVIDSON, ENDURANCE TECH., etc. We excel in producing diverse
range of critical and highly precise automotive components in
aluminium die casting and CI casting and provide accurate solution to
intricate tool room jobs & complex fixtures to industry across the
globe. We provide extremely cost effective manufacturing solutions
to all our clients without tampering the quality of the product and on
time delivery. Our competitive pricing has positively contributed to
our customer’s bottom line. Product quality and services are the key
elements of EATA that makes us stand out from others. At EATA our
team experts contribute with their unparalleled knowledge and
expertise. EATA’s prime motto is to remain always in motion and
keep learning.